More About Our Support

One to One Support

We can offer one to one support with a support worker at a time and location which is suitable for you. One to one support will aim to complete areas of your support plan and provide practical and emotional support in response to your needs and the identified risks.


Our outreach workers offer face-to-face sessions in any safe location including the home, or we can offer the same support service by telephone. This provides access to our services for people who might otherwise struggle to access support due to childcare, disability, travel difficulties or a partner who will not let a client go out.

You can phone us whenever you need to. At present, we do not operate a 24hr service, our office hours are 9am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday, we have an answering machine service on the office phone 01282 726000. If you leave a message, we will return your call promptly.

If English is not your first language, PDVI are able to arrange for translator input for other languages. PDVI are also able to provide information in other formats including braille and voice recordings.

Support Group

We can offer a variety of support groups which are facilitated by our staff, and are client led, focusing on the issues you choose. The facilitators use a range of skills, counselling, therapeutic and educational techniques but primarily they encourage members to take responsibility for the group. We also have guest speakers, when the group requests a specific topic, and we have a regular legal representative to address any legal issues raised within the group or individually.

Follow-up and Priority Contact

We always try to stay in touch with you by calling at regular intervals. When we have specific concerns for your safety or of any children we immediately prioritise that call and do everything in our power to minimise the risk.

Support Plan

Whilst you are accessing support plan PDVI you will have your own support plan. You and your support worker will be responsible for meeting the actions set in your support plan; actions will be prioritised to address the identified risks and to respond to your support needs.

The support plan is a working document and will be continually reviewed, amended and adapted throughout your support and will remain focused on the identified and current risks and needs. It will always aim to reflect your current circumstances, thoughts and views, needs and goals, even if these have changed.

PDVI will support you to meet the goals that you will set for yourself and you will be given many opportunities to reflect on your journey and understand the changes that have occurred.

Completing your support

When your support plan is complete and you no longer need us to support you, we will review your support plan with you and close your support. If you have some ongoing support needs which cannot be met by PDVI’s services we will, with your consent, refer you to another agency who will be able to work with you to meet these needs.

If you need to come back to PDVI to access more support you can re-refer yourself at any time.


We are experienced in supporting young people and recognise that your experience of Domestic Abuse might be different to other age groups. We have a number of staff who specialise in providing support to young people, including our Young Person’s Violence Advisor.

Find out more about our sister project, The Lookout.

Safety plan

Your Support Worker will help you to create a safety plan that you can use to keep yourself and your family as safe as possible. This might include safe places, people, friends, reasons and other tools that are specific to you and your situation.